Monday, March 7, 2016

Super week

On week 6 we had a camp week the first day we went on a bush walk we did a scavenger hunt and played in the river and after that we went to kids republic we were there for 2 hours it was really fun 
I got to the top of one of rock climb . the 4th day was water day we did a heap of rotations like a water fight,tinfoil boats,water slide,water safety,water rockets the last day was camp day we brought our tents and we made smores and pizza Cullen was in my tent with me we a bunch of fun THE END
our second day was a contradiction day we used potama first my group were working with the imaginz it was fun we had to build a small house as a team

the third day we had an a art day we had 3 rotations the first 1st I did was at the school library we made a forest the 2ed one we did was at my class room we had to copy a small picture and make it big it was really fun to work with different people the second thing was at the the hall we were making small people