Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Olympic day

Today we played the rss Olympic day. There were 14 games 1 was fencing 2 was sailing 3 was hockey  4 was egg and spoon race 5 was high jumping 6 was gymastics 7 was the twisted hurdles 8 was rugby skills 9 soccer/penalty goals 10 was ultimate paper scissors rock 11 horse riding/piggy back rides 12 was shot put 13 archery.
 This was archery it was a bit different  because we didn't use bow and arrows in stead we used straws with vellcrow.
 This is ultmate paper-scissors-rock the rules were you had to run until you go into someone then you play paper-scissors-rocks so it is simple. Eli did an awesome job when the person came first you got a lolly but he didn't just give them to first he gave them every one else and I think that had filled a heap of people's bucket! So thank you Eli.   


  1. Thank you Blake not only did I fill your bucket you just filled my bucket
    Ps told you I would read it

  2. Olympics day was so fun right? I saw you at the next rotation, the ribbons, and it looker like you were doing great! I didn't know ribbons was in the Olympics. Did you?